L.E.J - a project which revolves around a core capsule of luxury casual shirts, with workwear and military inspired detailing, fine stitching, and rare fabrics; rich silks, fine voiles, artisanal Japanese narrow widths.

Contrived by Luke Walker, L.E.J is born of over 15 years experience in the luxury menswear industry, in Paris, Milan, and London.

Launched with the goal that casual can be better, and why should formal have a monopoly on quality, the collection takes the techniques refined by artisans over centuries, and marries them with utility and martial detailing, softening and re-contextualising the masculine trappings of loved and familiar pieces.

Processes inspired by engineering and architecture put emphasis on the importance of build and material before considering the visual, resulting in a beauty which comes from subtle variation of fit and form, an approach to fabrics which embraces the feminine, and a knowingly disorderly approach to styling.

Hand drawn with pencil, ruler, set square and compass, these aerospace plans drafted by my father in 1966 are masterpieces of precision, execution and craftsmanship. They provide endless inspiration, both visually and conceptually.

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