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Fabric UW7
100% wool
UW7 - Navy Pea Coat Cloth
'Navy Pea Coat Cloth'

The Winter Plage Coat comes hot (and cosy) on the tails of our thus far lighter-weight Cat Posh version.

The WPC (what's all this then?) comes with all the unique architecture of its summery brother; 4 expertly shaped pockets (they really are neat!), martingale half belt, pocket reinforcement straps... 

...though it's now cut in a sumptuously impervious 18oz British wool - more usually found protecting the backs of sailors, instead we use it to swathe you in elegance + panache, so you get the cut of my jib... it's the kind of hardwearing elegant stuff which might need elbow patches in about 70 years.

For the initiated, note that as a heavier piece we've cut the WPC with a little room beneath for knitwear, and the wool provides a natural ease and bags of simple beauty. It'll feel a touch different. Better, even.

It really is a chore-jacket-cum-blazer. It feels smart - it feels dressable - up or down. And if you were considering a set of new gold buttons for your birthday, this fella would take them handsomely.

The breast pocket is adorned with an extremely subtle and everso discreet pocket supporter in the form of our Peace Moon, who - along with Monseigneur Scrofa Scrofa - is one of our spirit people. Close-lipped noddy winks, the mascots of our craft and philosophy. 

- 100% wool, 18oz, woven in GB
- mother of Pearl buttons of unparalleled beauty
- hand embroidered Peace Moon
- 3 elegantly shaped patch pockets
- 1 internal patch pocket
- martingale half belt
- 2 piece set sleeve
- reinforcement straps
- unlined w/ bound seams
- made in Italy

- dry clean only
- or spot clean
- clean inside-out to avoid button chips + fabric abrasion/marking
- low iron, w/ steam
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